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Climate System Modeling Division (CSMD) is a part of Beijing Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration. It was established in June 2001. Its previous name is Climate Dynamics Division. In October 2004, it was reconstructed and renamed to Climate System Modeling Division. The main function of CSMD is to improve the current operational Dynamic Climate Model Prediction System (DCMPS), to develop the climate system model (BCC-CSM) and finally use it to serve ...
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    04/01/2012: BCC data node has been updated and back online.

    03/27/2012: The BCC data node will be down for update. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    01/31/2012: There are errors in all epc100, fgo2, intpp in OcnBgchem realm and masscello in ocean realm for BCC_CSM1.1 and these datasets are withdrawn.

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