MJO Project
Output from BCC_AGCM2.1 participated in MJO Diabatic Hindcast Project
Experiment number
Experiment Name
Experiment Description
Temporal data sampling
Component 1
Climate simulation
AMIP-type runs integrated for period from 1991–2010
Every six hours.
AMIP-type runs with the observed SST specified as the lower boundary layer condition.
All AGCM runs employ the NCEP Optimally-Interpolated weekly SST and sea-ice datasets
Component 2
Hindcast experiments –- short-term integrations
48 hours forecasts initialized every day at 00Z for a series of dates around the two specific MJO events :
Case 1): Oct. 20, 2009-Nov. 10, 2009
Case 2): Dec. 20, 2009-Jan. 10, 2010
Detailed time step outputs from the 48 hour forecast
Component 3
Hindcast experiments –- long-term integrations
Largely similar to component 2, but (1) initialized daily over longer periods during the two selected MJO events;
(2) integrated for 20 days instead of 2 days in component;
(3) The output is to be provided on standard horizontal and vertical grids at every 3 hourly interval, using the same 2.5o by 2.5o grid
The specific periods to initialize the models for 20-day hindcasts in this component are as follows,
Case 1): Oct. 10, 2009-Nov. 25, 2009
Case 2): Dec. 10, 2009-Jan. 25, 2010
Every three hours.