Models - Atmospheric Model

BCC_AGCM2.2 is the latest version which is released as the atmospheric component of BCC_CSM1.1-m. The motivation was to provide better resolved regional climate simulations when used in CMIP5 experiments. New features in BCC_AGCM2.2 are
(1) A high horizontal resolution T106 is added which is about 1 X 1 deg grid,
(2) And some tunings have been done in the physics package at T106 resolution.
(3) The outputs at the stations are also added in the history package.
(4) The initial process is added and outputs are updated for the operational prediction system.

According to the CMIP5 design, BCC_AGCM2.2 runs the AMIP experiment. There are 3-member runs from 1979 to 2008. Impose changing conditions consistent with observations. RCP8.5 scenario forcing data are used beyond year 2005. The initial status is from year 30 of a control run under the observed forcing at 1979. At the same time, BCC_AGCM2.2 is the atmospheric component of BCC_CSM1.1-m and run some CMIP5 experiments, such as historical, piControl, 1pctCO2, abrupt4xCO2 and so on.