Curriculum vitae
Wei, Min
National Meteorological Information Center
China Meteorological Administration
100086, China
Phone: +86 10 6840 8725
Fax    : +86 10 6840 6685
Research  Field:
Climate model performance optimization
Climate modeling forecast 
Sept.2011—Now    : Ph.D, Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, China.
Sept.2002—Mar.2005: M.S., Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment, Beijing University, China.
Sept.1995—July.1999:B.S., Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (BIPT), China.
Wei Min, Wang Lanning and Jin Fang. The Implementation of Coupling Algorithm for MOM4 and BCC_CSM Model.(Proceedings of ICISE2010,Vol.2, p941-944)
Bin Wang, Min Wei, Yongsheng Li Huashan Yu. A Unified Measurement Model for Meteorological Computing Resources. (Proceedings of ICISE2010,Vol.2,p1600-1604)
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Li Qingquan, Wang Lanning,Xu Ying and Wei Min.Impact of Radiation Parameterization on Climate Modeling and Hindcast. Journal of Applied Meteorological Science,2005,16(Suppl):12-21. (in Chinese)
Zhang Xiuzhi and Wei Min. The study on the relations between moisture flux in East Asian and the South China Sea Summer Monsoon. ACTA METEOROLOGICA SINICA,2003,Vol.17:46-56(SCIE).
Zhang Xiuzhi, Li Jianglong and Wei Min. Evolving Characteristics of South China Sea Summer Monsoon in 2001 and the Prediction of Monsoon Intensity in 2002. workshop on the fifth joint meeting of seasonal prediction on East Asian summer monsoon,2002.