Li Qiaoping
Contact Information:
Climate Modeling Division
National Climate Center(NCC)
China Meterorological Administration (CMA)
No. 46 Zhongguancun Nandajie
Haidian District, Beijing, 100081
Phone +86-10-68408726
1987-1991 Beijing Institute of Meteorology, Beijing (B.S.)
1998-2001 Meteorology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, Jiangsu Province (M.S.)
2001-2004 Meteorology, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, Jiangsu Province (Ph.D.)
Work Experience
1991.7-2004.6 Engineer, Xinzhou Meteorology Bureau of Shanxi Province
2004.7-2006.6 Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2006.6-2008.6 Associate Professor, Climate Change Division, NCC, CMA
2008.7-2012.4 Associate Professor, Climate Modeling Division, NCC, CMA
2012.5-        Professor, Climate Modeling Division, NCC, CMA
Research Interests:
Regional climate change, climate modeling, dynamical seasonal prediction
Main Publications
1.  Li Qiaoping and Ding Yihui, 2012:Climate Simulation and Future Projection of Precipitation and the Water Vapor Budget in the Haihe River Basin, Acta Meteorological Sinica,26(3) ,345-361
2.  Zhang Yingxian, DingYihui, Li Qiaoping, 2012:Climatology of extratropical cyclone over East Asian -Based on a new statistics, Acta Meteorological Sinica,26(3),261-277
3. Yan Guanhua, Li Qiaoping, Xin Chao, 2011: Future Air Surface Temperature changes in China under Different Greenhouse Gas Emission Scenarios. Journal of Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology(Natural Science Edition), 3(1),36-46(in Chinese)
4.  Tu Gang, Li Qiaoping, Su Lixin, et al., 2010: Projection of Climate Change in Jilin Province and Its Possible Effects on Grain Yield Under IPCC SRES A2 Scenario. Journal of Jilin university(Earth Science Edition), 40(S1),146-153(in Chinese)
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