Personal Information:
Famlily Name: Wang   Given Name: Fang
Date of Birth: February 20, 1974  Birth Place: Yichang,Hubei province
Sex: Male Marital Status: Married
Telephone: 010-58995335(O), 13520799920(M)
Work experience:
July 2005-present: Working for National Climate Center (NCC), China Meteorological Administration (CMA). Mainly in climate change and its simulation. Now my research is mainly on the development of radiative scheme of BCC AGCM, the simulation evaluation of cloud and radiative processes in BCC AGCMs, and the study on characteristics of extreme climate events over China and its future change.
July 1995-August 1999: worked in Hubei Bureau of Meteorology. Mainly engaged in climate analysis and short-term climate prediction.
September 2002-June 2005: Studying in Chinese Academy of Meteorology Science(CAMS) and Researching on climate change and simulation on cloud and radiation processes in climate models. Obtained doctor’s degree in June 2005.
September 1999-June 2002: studied in Graduate School of Nanjing Institute of Meteorology(NIM). Mainly went in for the study on parameterization scheme of regional evapotranspiration flux over heterogeneous land surface. Obtained master’s degree in June 2002.
September 1991-June 1995: studied in Department of Applied Meteorology in NIM, major in climatology. Graduated in June 1995.
Paper list:
Fang Wang, Yihui Ding. Trend of snow cover fraction over East Asia in the 21st century under different scenarios. Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions, 2012, 4(2): 107-114
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