Dr. Anning Huang (黄安宁)                  
                                 Associate professor
                                              School of Atmospheric Sciences
                                            Nanjing University, China, 210093
                                          Telephone: 01186-(25)-83594850      
Jun. 2007    Doctor of Philosophy in Meteorology, Nanjing University, China
Jun. 2002    Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science, Yunnan University, China
Professional Experience
2011.1~present: Associate professor, school of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, China.
2007.7~2010.12: Lector, School of Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, China. Research work:
·        Mechanism of the thermal effect of Tibetan Plateau on the summer precipitation diurnal variation over Eastern China;
·        Regional climate change and modeling;
·        Regional and global climate model development;
·        Extended range numerical weather prediction;
2008.10~2010.10: Visiting Fellow, Canada Centers for Inland Waters, Environment Canada.
Research work:
·        Evaluate the performance of several lake models in simulating the thermal and dynamic structure over the Great Lakes region;
·        Development of a regional air-lake coupled climate model; 
2004.9~2007.6: Doctoral student, School of Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University, China.
Research work:
·        Impacts of coastal SST variability on East Asian summer monsoon;
·        Impacts of SSTA in the South China Sea on the South China Sea summer monsoon; 
·        Development of regional climate model by linking popular physical process parameterization schemes, such as convective, land surface and radiation schemes, with atmospheric dynamic and Evaluation of the performance of regional climate model.
2002.9~2004.7: Graduate student, Department of Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University, China. Research direction was regional climate modeling.
Research Interests
·        Climate change and variability;
·        Variability of East Asia Monsoon;
·        Regional and global climate modeling and physical processes in climate system;
·        Atmosphere-ocean-land interaction, physical processes and linkage with atmospheric dynamics;
Modeling Experience:
·        Development of coupled regional atmosphere, ocean and land and other physical processes models;
·        Good experience of running global and regional climate models.
Recent Main Projects:
·        National Natural Science Foundation of China “Mechanisms about the impact of the Tibetan Plateau surface thermodynamic forcing on the diurnal variation of the precipitation with different duration over eastern China (Grant No. 41175086);
·        The Special Program for China Meteorology Trade Development of Asia regional climate model and its application in the short range climate prediction (Grant No. GYHY201306046)
·        The Special Program for China Meteorology Trade Studies on the uncertainty effects of the key physical process in climate system model on the climate simulation over East Asia (Grant No. GYHY201306020)
·        International cooperation in science and technology plan “Combined with survey and Research on ecological environment protection and resource management over Central Asia in response to the climate change-Climate change over Central Asia” (Grant No. 2010DFA92720)
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